Will Python Replace Java?

According to the most recent study, Java is currently more popular than other programming languages ​​including Python. Likewise, according to the latest usage statistics posted on a popular Technology Survey site, Java is being used by 3.0% websites as a server-side programming language, whereas only 0.2% of websites use Python. However, many reports have heightened that the usage and popularity of Python is growing consistently. So it becomes essential for programmers to understand some of the major differences between these two popular programming languages.

Understanding Important Differences between Java and Python

Both Java and Python are general purpose programming languages. While the former is a static typed language wherein the programmers have to declare all variable names explicitly, the latter is looked up as a dynamically typed language where developers are not required to declare variable names explicitly.

Java requires developers to write longer lines of code to accomplish common programming tasks. They also have to put in additional time and effort to organize, maintain and update the Java code base. On the other hand, syntax of Python enables developers to express concepts without writing longer lines of code. It further emphasizes on reusable and readable code generation. Thus, it becomes easier for programmers to maintain and update the code base.

Both the languages ​​have been updated on a regular basis. The programmers can use Java 8 to avail a number of new features including lambda expressions, a new date / time API and a new functional interface. They can further switch from version 7 to version 8 of the programming language without any hassle. But developers often find it daunting to choose between Python 2.x and Python 3.x. Both the versions are being maintained in parallel and since switching from Python 2.x to Python 3.x is found to be challenging.

Java makes it easier for programmers to create portable cross-platform applications. These applications can run on any device on which Java virtual machine (JVM) is running. On the other hand, the developers have to use a Python compiler to convert the code written in Python into code understood by the specific operating system. As JVM is installed on many devices, the developers can run Java applications on various devices without requiring any specialized tools and compilers.

The performance and speed of the two programming languages ​​differ. Many programmers have proved that Java is faster than Python. While it can not be used to accomplish CPU-intensive tasks, developers often have at their disposal, a number of options to enhance the execution speed of Python. They have to replace Python's default runtime with CPython, PyPy or Cython to increase the execution speed significantly. On the other hand, the performance of the Java application can be easily optimized without using any additional tools.

Along with being a popular web technology, Java is also used widely for developing apps for world's most popular mobile operating system, ie, Android. The Android SDK includes a number of standard Java libraries. The developers can easily create Android apps by taking advantage of networking, data structure, graphics, and math libraries. They can even avail a number of tools and frameworks to speed up Android app development. But those into Python development know that it can not be used for mobile app development directly and exclusively. The developers have to use additional frameworks and tools to use it for mobile app development. Many programmers prefer developing mobile apps with Java to save both time and effort.

A number of reports have highlighted a steady increase in the popularity of JVM based languages ​​like Scala. The modern age JVM languages ​​are designed with features to help programmers to write concise, reusable and maintainable code within a shorter amount of time. Many programmers prefer these JVM languages ​​to Java to reduce the amount of time and efforts required for building and maintaining a variety of modern applications.

Source by Harri Srivastav

Plan A Prosperous Future With Certified Financial Planning

If you are close to the age of fifties and you have never done much of Financial Planning, then you have a hint that you are not going to enjoy all those luxuries in coming years, ie after retirement. Anyways it is never too late as you can still make a decision as there are so many investments schemes and policies that you can still make sure of a good living and make proper use of your limited resources with the help of a professional with Financial Planner Certificate .

However, if you are still young, it would have advised not to procrastinate with your money and start contriving your future plans. You have always been familiar with Certified Financial Planning, but of course choosing a right advisor for yourself has never been easy. There are many professionals with Financial Planner Certificate, but you should always protect yourself as their certificate does not guarantee their honesty. It is always better to refer your colleagues, relatives and friends about some trusted advisors they know. If that does not work, you can find out from Financial Planning Association which runs many certified financial planning programs as they can better tell you about legitimate advisors.

For those who have just graduated from college and are looking for a bright future and do not know much about Certified Financial Planning must know that it is one of the most legitimate and propitious career available.

Basically people come to an adviser because of their established knowledge about investments, financial arrangements, FOREX trading and plenty of other ways through which one can increase his money. You have to undergo certified financial planner education and get equipped with ethical issues relating finance. You may consider going for certified financial planning programs if you are interested in helping people with their finances with the confidence of having good market knowledge, as most of the people find it tedious to research market themselves. But keep in mind that proper knowledge of stock market, FOREX is not so easy and can not be attained in a day or two. You have to patiently go through all the nuances involving approved financial planner education and be an extrovert in investment yourself because the concepts of FOREX and stocks are not so easy that you can forgive reading a book. You yourself have to go ahead, take some risk in investments and be ready to lose in beginning. Slowly and gradually you can be a master and become capable of advising others.

The first thing to be considered while selecting a Certified Financial Planner School is that it should be accredited by Ministry of Education. Make sure it is affiliated with Financial Planning Association. Apart from this, find out how old is the institute and what are the Certified Financial Planning programs which it offers. Do some research on the background of faculty, facilities offered by the institute, career counseling and definitely the kind of campus and labs the school is providing. In addition, find out the kind of students who enroll in that particular institute and also talk to few professionals who have already earned a financial planner certificate from that institute.

After completion of certified financial planner education and becoming competent enough in this field, you will have many working options. You will plan your client's savings, their children's education, marriage and also help them to retire in style for which they will always be grateful.

Source by Anupam Janwasia