Forex Trading Machine – Avi Frister Review

Forex Trading Machine by Avi Frister is a very popular book based on a mechanical model of trading and there before uses no pivot points, chart patterns, moving averages, Bollinger bands that require user discretion and judgment.

There seems to be a sudden explosion on the number of forex books bubbling in the market, all supporting a heavy price tag. Warning, most of them are a waste of time. My experience in reviewing them: Big promises, shoddy information. Thankfully Forex Trading Machine is different from the breed and actually delivers what it promises.

Here's a brief overview of the strategies explained in the forex trading machine:

Cash Cow Strategy is designed with the GBP / USD currency pair. Avi says this pair has been specifically chosen because of its volatility. Using this system you can throw three to four trades a month. The advantage is that you do not have to stick your eyes to the computer monitor all day.

Flip & Go Strategy is a strategy for day trading. It shows you how to take advantage of a certain characteristic of the EUR / USD pair.

Forex Runner Strategy is another strategy for day trading. It's purely mechanical and based solely on what price is doing.

Avi also includes a bonus strategy Forex News Trading Strategy.He explains how certain important reports such as the Non Farm Payroll can create moves in the market that can be very significant.

Overall Forex Trading Machine makes a good reading. Avi Frister also has a bonus offer giving Mark Mcrae's book Trading for beginners absolutely free. Also included is a 56 day money back guarantee.

Source by Mike Lombardy

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