How to Retire on the Proceeds from Small-time Amateur Forex Trading

Everyone is familiar with share trading. You pick a share, hopefully it rises in value, you sell it, you pocket the difference. Some days the whole market rises and more people win than lose, other days the market falls. Foreign exchange is different. In a forex trade you simply bet whether one currency will gain against another. All you need to do is guess which way it will go.

There's something in the psychology of forex trading that makes you feel like it's going to be easy once you know how to do it. But there's a lot to learn, and the movements are notoriously fickle. So what if you, as a small-time, amateur investor with a few hundred dollars or pounds to invest, could run some artificial intelligence software on your own Internet connected Windows PC that watches the markets 24/7 and invests only when it's super- confident about which way the market will go?

What if all you needed was the ability to fill in a few forms (to open your forex trading account), and install a simple piece of software (takes half an hour at most). How much might you make with a small, test investment?

We installed a forex robot to test exactly that. With an initial $ 787 invested it's currently making about $ 40 a week without any effort. Sure, it does not sound like a lot, but it's $ 2,080 a year. That's a free holiday. Reinvest it and after maybe just three or four years you can retire and live off the income.

If you have a little more capital, $ 10,000 should yield over $ 500 a week. With a bit of thrift, you do not need to work again .. you can do what you like from here on. Of course, nothing is guaranteed, but given the financial turmoil we've just through it looks like reliable as anything else.

All you need is an Internet connected Windows PC, $ 500 of starting capital to open a forex trading account, and $ 97 for the software. It takes a few days to get the trading account set up and for the money to transfer and after that all that's needed is an occasional check that it's running OK. It's free money, basically.

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