Forex Breakout Systems – Forex Morning Trade Review

Most automatic Forex trading systems out there are designed as scalping systems, which is great if you like taking small profit after small profit from the market, only to lose a huge chunk of it when a losing trade comes along. If you prefer Forex breakout systems and you are searching for one that works, then Forex Morning Trade could have the solution to all your Forex breakout trading needs.

Forex Morning Trade is one of the rare few Forex breakout systems out there on the market at the moment, and is a breath of fresh air because it's such a simple Forex trading system to use. It has only just been released to the general public since mid 2010, and since then it's been a well kept secret among a select group of in the know traders. By the end of this Forex Morning Trade review, you'll know why these Forex insiders are desperate to keep this unique Forex Breakout System a secret from you.

Forex breakout trading is notoriously difficult, because while consolidation periods are frequent occurrences in any currency pair, they are not always followed by a significant breakout one way or the other. Some Forex breakout systems only have a win rate of 10-20 percent, with the losing trades being a result of whipsaws and false breakouts that are no stranger to any experienced breakout trader.

The Forex systems community have been crying out for a simple Forex trading system that could break the mold for a long time, and Forex Morning Trade has duly delivered the breath of fresh air that us traders who are sick of yet another Forex scalping system being released into the market. I've personally traded Forex Morning Trade, and the results have totally blown me away.

Here's what I can tell you about Forex Morning Trade without revealing too much proprietary information. Forex Morning Trade only trades once a day just before the London open, which is a well known high volume, high volatility period. It operates with very accurate trading criteria, and is based on years of testing and fine tuning of entries, trading times, stop loss width, profit target points, and a very effective Forex breakout indicator.

In terms of trading performance and results, this Forex breakout system boasts a 1: 1 risk to reward ratio with a win rate of 60-75 percent, which is the reason for its consistent and reliable results. Over the last 6 months alone, Forex Morning Trade has averaged a steady return of 250-350 pips a month on average, with just one losing month of -90 pips out of the six. This is not just reflected in my own Forex Morning Trade performance, but in many others' all around the world as well.

So why are the insiders who have been enjoying the exclusive use of Forex Morning Trade so desperate to keep this powerful Forex breakout system out of the public realm? Well, as you know, Forex breakout trading is so effective simply because there is not enough volume to absorb the demand coming into the market when the London traders put their orders in, which causes these huge moves that lead to huge profits on our part . Obviously, the more traders who take advantage of this fact profitably, the more the trading edge of Forex Morning Trade is diminished. If the number of traders trading this system hits a critical mass, then eventually the system will become less and less effective until the one day when it inevitably stops working.

Right now, 6 months into the live launch of Forex Morning Trade, this Forex breakout system is still a little known secret of the Forex breakout trading community. All that may soon change however, so before this opportunity passes you by, you owe it to yourself to have a serious look at it and at least give it a good go before it's too late. If you're looking for a Forex breakout system that can actually live up to its promises for once, Forex Morning Trade has my highest recommendation.

Source by Thad B

Million Dollar Pips Review

Forex trading has become quite popular these days, some even quit their day job and have become a full time forex trader. Everyone wants to make some quick cash but the forex market is not easy to master especially if you are a newcomer. What can you do? For situations like these you need an automated Forex trading system that will execute profitable trades for your need Million Dollar Pips.

It is an automated Forex trading software developed by William Morrison. Million Dollar Pips' developer William Morrison was a software developer. He was overworked and frustrated with his job so he decided to do something for himself. He tried his hands in the Forex market and ended up buying six Forex bots within 2 years. When it came to testing the bots everyone performed poorly. At last he decided to develop his own Forex robot.

It is a NFA compliant automated Forex trading robot with a built in risk management system. This automated system utilizes a safe and innovative way of trading, it does not use any martingale strategies and due to the excellent built in risk management system it keeps losses to a minimum.

A lot of people are skeptical about using automated trading system but believe it or not it is one of the best ways to trade especially if you are a newcomer. Most online trading platforms will provide you with multiple trading indicators so that you can make an informed decision but at times all this information can become overwhelming and you end up taking the wrong decision. Automated Forex robots are free of any kind of emotions, you just have to define the settings and it will exactly trade as you want it to there's no room for mistake and it is no different. The basic features are:

  • Fully automated Forex trading
  • Utilizes a safe and unique scalping method
  • Effective money management
  • No more risky martingale strategies
  • The software is NFA compliant
  • Trades with the lowest risk so that your account does not burn
  • Trades with the highest accuracy.
  • Saves time, generates profits.
  • Only the best trades are executed.
  • No risk of emotions affecting your trade.
  • 24/5 trading.
  • Profits are all yours, there are no cuts.

Overall it can be said that Million Dollar Pips is a good trading system, it gives you decent returns. It is not a scam and certainly not like hundreds of other trading robots that fake results. When I tried it got wins of 78% in the first week and 70% in the second week. I do not know about approaching millions but one thing that really impressed me was that the developer was using myfxbook to prove the results and myfxbook provides reliable figures. It is a great Forex robot, east to setup and provides quick and good support.

Source by Partha Gorai